Midweek Refresh

Every Wednesday

Need a little nourishment for your body, mind, and soul?  Come join us for a meal, a short worship service, and small group meetings. We hope that you will have a little more uumph and spiritual force to finish out the week strong.

Wednesdays 5–8:15 pm
201 N Court St, Fairfield, IA 52556

     5:00-6:00 PM            Dinner
     6:00-6:15 PM            Short Message with Elly
     6:15-8:15 PM            Small Group Time



Come nourish your body.  A meal will be served from 5:00 – 6:00 PM every Wednesday.  

Worship Service

Nourish your soul!  An informal message/ worship service/scripture reading to help get through the week.

Small Group Meetings

Nourish your brain!  Small groups on various topics ranging from sewing, becoming an empty nester, or debt management. 

Midweek Refresh Small Groups

We hope you will be able to carve out some time during the week to join us.  Below you will find some groups that we have lined up.  In the first few weeks, each group will focus on getting to know each other and the direction they see the group going.  If there is something that you want to see feel free to reach out.  We will aim to change the groups and programs that are offered to better suit those who are attending or who reach out.

Sewing Adult Bibs

Do you enjoy sewing?  Would you like to learn how to sew?  Join this group as we will be sewing adult sized bibs for the local nursing homes in town.  Mary Vehslage will be heading up this group.  In the first few weeks, we will get things ironed out and get busy sewing!

Story Time with Afton

Join us for a few Bible Stories in our church Library!  Our new librarian, Afton Pedrick will be leading this group.  


Starting on Wednesday, August 30th the choir will begin practicing at 7:30 PM in the sanctuary. If you are interested in joining, you can just show up!

If you have questions, or will not be able to attend the first practice, contact Jim Edgeton at 641-919-3343.

The Chosen

Join us for an interactive Bible study!  The Chosen is the first ever multiseason show about the life of Jesus.  The series allows viewers to see the life of Jesus through the eyes of those who knew him.  Each week, we will watch an episode together and then have group discussion.  Invite your friends to join us!

Financial Peace University

Join us to learn the way that millions of American have paid off massive amounts of debt.  Through this course, you will learn how to pay off your debt, save more and invest in your future.  Start planning for your future!

Empty Nest, Full Life

Life changes quickly, and sometimes we need just a little more support.  Caught somewhere between grief and delight as your children become adults?  As a mom of five kids, Jill Savage understands!  In Empty Nest, Full Life, she’ll teach you what’s important to hold on to and what’s important to let go of amid the mixed emotions of this disorienting season.  With her help, you can gain confidence and clarity about the future – and have a laugh along the way.

Julie Rayburn will be leading this group.

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